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we make it easy for you

It's very easy:

Have your products photographed professionally and increase your sales with high-quality photos.

We would be happy to support you in this project and work with you to develop an individual concept that suits your company and your products.It is very important to us that the images correspond to your image and that the costs can always be planned.

In our studios in Munich and Regensburg we offer you cut-outs for online shops, neutral product shots as well as staged and modern still life shots. We would be happy to advise you and look forward to getting to know your company and your project in a personal conversation.

The spectrum of product photography offers a lot of scope and an incredible number of possibilities.

We are looking forward to it. Every time again!

Let yourself be inspired!

we love visual concepts

The product is photographed according to your individual concept. This type of product photography appeals to customers emotionally because a story or feeling is conveyed in contrast to a “factual” cut-out image.​ Nothing stands in the way of creativity here - we will be happy to help you come up with ideas and an optimally adapted concept for your company. 

we like it simple

The neutral presentation of your products for your online shop, product photos for Amazon or your website is best achieved in the form of cut-outs. "Cut-out" means that the product is freed from the background and retouched so that the product is in front of a transparent or pure white background. Nothing distracts you from your product anymore. The customer also has the opportunity to find out as much as possible about the nature of the product online. Since the haptic experience in the store is missing, it is advisable to show as many high-quality  product photos as possible so that the customer can “understand” the product visually as good as possible. Increase your sales through professional & high quality product photography!

Which type of product photography is right for you?


A packshot is a standardized, exposed, simple photo of an individual product (usually in outer packaging such as cardboard, etc.). It is taken against a neutral background (white) and free of annoying, distracting decorations. The pack shots are primarily suitable for the value-free presentation of products, such as is common in online shops (Amazon product photography) or in assortment lists or catalogs.

  • transparent background

  • value-free presentation

  • simple presentation for online shops etc.


Product photos are photographs in which a product is optimally presented by using light in the right places. Thanks to the perfect lighting of the setting, the product appears in a very high-quality and three-dimensional way in the finished image. This form of photography is particularly suitable for effective advertising presentations, which also include posters and catalogs. Shiny materials in particular need to be illuminated with special expertise so that the product can be shown to its best advantage

  • transparent background optional

  • high-quality presentation for advertising purposes

  • high resolutionre images as they are used not only online but also for print

  • Special lighting setting optimally tailored to the nature of the product


With so-called still lifes, the product is either photographed in its natural environment or the desired image effect is achieved by selecting appropriate backgrounds and decorative materials. This form of photography is used to arouse emotions in the viewer, to show the function of the product in more detail or to offer the target group a better way of identifying with the product. Still life photography is particularly suitable for advertising or image brochures as well as catalogs, posters or a brand-building website presence. 

  • very high quality presentation & conceptual photography

  • a visual world is created around the product to evoke emotions

  • Communicating the brand message and brand identification of the target group with the product

  • Perfection: sometimes complex high-end retouching or image composing

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