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Who we are and what are the types of photography we offer?

I am Julia Schärdel, a German based photographer and the co-founder of the collaboration AUEN60 Photography, which also consists of Ines Häberlein, Andreas Zitt and our junior photographer Cora Tamborini. Andreas, Ines and I were studying Photography Design in Munich and since we all have kind of a similar style and approach to photography we fit perfectly together as a team.

We startet our career in a small wine cellar during our studies. Today we are lucky to have a big studio in the heart of Munich and another studio in Regensburg where we offer professional product photography as well as corporate business photography.

Our style is being described as colorful, minimalistic and natural.

We love to make it look simple and let the products shine in their best way. Always trying to hit our customers needs and fit to the particular brand identity.

You can check out some of our work here: or on instagram: julia_schaerdel_auen60


Eye-catching product photos are crucial for every company and brand, especially in e-commerce where it is often the first impression a buyer will have. They are essential when customers cannot see the products face-to-face or physically hold the product in their hands.

Product images serve a variety of purposes like being placed on brand websites, populating product listings on ecommerce sites, used for digital marketing and be shared on social media profiles.

Well done product imagery can show to customers how the product looks and feels, demonstrate use, and add meaningful lifestyle context. Demonstrating the positive attributes of the product through visualization helps empower your audience to feel confident in their purchasing decisions.

But how can we fit our customers needs, how to get the idea?

First of all there is to say, that the approach is very different in our case as our customers are big and small companies, start-ups and Advertising/Marketing-Agencies.

Big Companies with inhouse-Marketing departments often already have a very clear vision and even have very strict shooting guidelines. There’s nearly no creative input needed from our side for shaping a concept.

They actually will pick photographers by their pictorial language and hire them for the particular campaign. Therefore it is vital for any professional photographer having a website and to show a portfolio in a consistent style. In general you can say, that customers like to perceive you as the professional expert for a special imagery style. They don’t trust you if you offer everything from Wedding photography, landscape photography to Advertising Photography.

Please allow me the following comparison to make this point even more clear: Someone who would like to eat Chinese food will probably not ask an Italian Restaurant if they are able to deliver a traditional Chinese dish. They will hire the expert - the Chinese restaurant. It´s as easy as this.

If it would be possible, customers would even love to see the final shot of their shooting concept on your page and pick it like in a menu.

Besides the big companies, there are other „species“ of customers, like smaller companies and start-ups which are in general a lot more flexible when it comes to shooting concepts and ideas. They are happy to get some input from our side and benefit from our knowledge and expertise. Most of the time they commission their first photoshooting and do not have any experience or just no time to dive into the universe of product photography.